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Paul Halter's Shows

Paul Halter's comedy and audience interaction is a hit with all ages, as is his expert juggling. On stage he performs feats of skill and dangerous stunts that regularly draw gasps of astonishment from audiences.

He puts the "Ug" in juggle.
He puts the "Oh Man" in showmanship.
He puts the "Harm" in harmonica.

His shows often include:

Juggling flaming torches or huge knives while riding a 6 foot tall unicycle and playing the harmonica

Juggling 7 balls, finishing with a neck-catch

Juggling eggs while handcuffed and standing on a "rola bola" balance board

Juggling routines choreographed to music

Juggling with clubs, rings, bowling balls, barbed wire, power tools, and flaming Beanie Babies.

Well, maybe not Beanie Babies. That would be silly.

Then again, sometimes silliness is a good thing.

Paul can customize a show to fit your event, creating original comedy and routines with your theme in mind. He will provide his own stage equipment including a professional sound system. You provide the venue, a changing room, and most importantly, an audience ready to have a great time!